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The Natural Order Of Money

Roy Sebag


“The Natural Order of Money” by Roy Sebag is a thought-provoking and insightful analysis of the fundamental principles that govern the nature and function of money. The book offers a fresh perspective on the role of money in our society, challenging many of the conventional assumptions that underpin our current financial system.

At its core, Sebag argues that money is not a commodity to be traded, but a medium of exchange that facilitates economic activity. He contends that money’s value is derived from its ability to serve as a unit of account, store of value, and means of payment, and that these functions must be fulfilled in order for money to function effectively.

Sebag also argues that the value of money is ultimately tied to the real economy, and that the creation of money should be based on the productive capacity of the economy rather than the whims of central bankers. He advocates for a return to a gold standard or a similar system that ties the value of money to a tangible asset, arguing that this would create a more stable and predictable monetary system.

Throughout the book, Sebag draws on historical examples and economic theory to support his arguments, providing a comprehensive and well-researched analysis of the subject. He also offers practical insights into how his ideas could be implemented in practice, making the book a valuable resource for policymakers and economists alike.

While the book is highly engaging and thought-provoking, it may not be suitable for readers without a strong background in economics or finance. The subject matter can be complex at times, and readers may find themselves needing to re-read certain sections in order to fully grasp the concepts being presented.

Overall, “The Natural Order of Money” is a well-reasoned and insightful analysis of the nature and function of money, offering a compelling argument for a return to a more stable and productive monetary system. While it may not be for everyone, those with an interest in economics or finance will find much to enjoy in Sebag’s thoughtful and well-researched analysis.

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